Industry Solutions

Since no two companies are alike, V9 Digital works one-on-one with each client to address specific media preservation needs and develop a comprehensive plan.

Athletics Organizations

The rich history in athletics organizations cultivate a spirit and pride that engages fan bases, builds traditions and strengthens the program’s brand. Teams are built not only by where they are going but also by where they’ve been.

Government Clients

A plethora of data and content that government agencies still need access to today is contained on deteriorating analog formats. Without a preservation strategy, this content will eventually be lost forever.

Historical Societies & Nonprofits

Many organizations take on heritage projects with photographs, documents, records and artifacts but when it comes to film, tape and audio assets, finding a preservation avenue can be exhausting.

Media Companies

Many media companies are faced with the overwhelming task of deciding what to do with their audiovisual archives—do nothing and let the content expire or create a preservation strategy to protect it for the future.

News Stations

Local broadcasters have some of the most educational, culturally significant archives in their respective communities. Unfortunately too many of these archives exist on decaying analog formats and are utilized rarely if at all.

Universities & Academic Institutions

When universities and academic institutions have a plethora of archive content they want to protect and preserve for the future, V9 Digital is an experienced and trusted partner.