Video and film collections are facing a serious threat due to the deterioration and obsolescence of these formats. V9 Digital offers preservation services as industry solutions to digitize, restore, and migrate this content, making it accessible for future generations.

V9 Digital provides an end-to-end preservation solution, eliminating any outsourcing, in order to ensure high quality care throughout the preservation process.

End-to-End Preservation Solution
Pick Up

• V9 Digital Preservation travels to the client’s location to organize, pack, and begin inventorying assets.

• Media is transported personally by V9 Digital staff to ensure a safe arrival at our facilities.

• Each piece of media is identified and logged into a client-specific database.
• It is then labeled, bar coded, photographed, inspected, and cleaned.

• Any media requiring repairs to address common issues like sticky shed, vinegar syndrome, mold, etc. will be addressed and fixed by technicians.

• Media is migrated using ingest systems, film scanning equipment, and legacy video tape recorders
Metadata Tagging

• Metadata is tagged.

• If requested, V9 Digital offers digital frame-by-frame restoration services to repair issues that affect the image quality, bringing media back to its original splendor.

• Multiple output formats are available to meet the needs of clients.
• Digital media can be delivered via cloud, Sony Optical Disc, LTO, or hard drives.

“Organizations now have millions of hours of film and video in their archives. These precious media assets are often not easily accessible and will inevitably degrade over time if they are not preserved and cataloged in a digital management system. V9 Digital is able to enlist our considerable experience with digital media to preserve these priceless recordings. Our extensive equipment and technology provides V9 Digital with a high-volume, cost-effective capability for restoring and digitizing large archives in the shortest time and highest quality possible,” said Nine Network President and CEO Jack Galmiche.


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